Dr. Jess G. Nieto (L) and Lic. Michelle Prudant (R) meet with the Venezuelan General Counsel, Martin Sanchez (Center)  in San Francisco to review objectives of the "People to People Initiative" program between the two countries.

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Dr. Nieto and Lic. Michelle Prudant (and daughter Stephanie) at California State University Long Beach in April 2009 working on the establishment of the "People to People Initiative."

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Lic. Michelle Prudant of Venezuela with Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez of California State University Northridge of the Chicano Studies Department in April 2008 working to establish the "People to People Initiative" program.

Newspaper article, photos and video available online.

The first Chicano- Latino delegation of educators and community activists from the U.S. to Venezuela in April 2008.

The Venezuela Project / An Overview
Dr. Jess G. Nieto along with Dr. Armando Navarro, professor at UC Riverside, Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez- Professor at CSU Northridge, Mary Ann Gonzales of UC Riverside, and Peggy Nieto of Beardsley School District in Bakersfield requested the Venezuelan General Counsel in Havana in April 2006 for the opportunity to visit Caracas, Venezuela.  In April-May 2006 a delegation of 13 Chicano and Latinos from the U.S. traveled to Venezuela at their invitation and met with members of their government including officials from the Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores (Ministry of Foreign Relations) and the Mayor of Caracas and visited a number of important governmental programs and institutions.  During this visit several members of the delegation made a presentation on the history of U.S. Chicanos and Latinos to the Venezuelans,  Dr. Nieto presented the following paper which was enthusiastically received and resulted in another invitation being made to Dr. Nieto to return to Venezuela in October 2008 in which he presented at the request of the Instituto de Relaciones Exteriores de Estudios Diplomaticos Pedro Gual  The U.S. Presidential Election of 2008 And the Implications For The Development Of A Foreign Policy Towards Latin America.  This paper was published by the Instituto Pedro Gual in Politica Exterior Y Soberania - Elecciones en Recession: Viejos Juegos Con Cartas Nuevas, Caracas, Venezuela, October 2008.

The following essay briefly examines past foreign policies of the United States in Latin America and Venezuela and the positions on foreign policy towards Latin America in general, and in particular, Venezuela,  by the two United States presidential candidates,  Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Barack Obama.  Within this framework, this section will discuss current domestic and foreign policy conditions and considerations which will also impact the nature of the decisions available to Senators McCain and Obama as the presidential race comes to the nation’s voters in November 2008.

This following essay outlines the major objectives and strategies for the relationship between Heritage of America in the U.S., the establishment of a Heritage (Herencia) Branch Office in Caracas, Venezuela, and the programs of mutual interest for the two groups.  Lic. Michelle Prudant is the Caracas Heritage (Herencia)  Director.

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