Heritage of America, a California based 501 (C) 3 organization  and The Helpful Hands Foundation, a non-profit 501 ( C ) 3 national organization based in Florida, are  announcing the kickoff of a campaign to help families save their homes through a loan modification program.  HAECF, a local organization serving the people of Bakersfield and Kern County since 1976, and THHF, a national foundation specializing in loan modifications, have joined forces to help families during this tough recession by offering to provide services to work out a negotiated loan modification with lenders and banks. 

Home ownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream.  Having to leave a home unexpectedly because of unforeseen hardships is disturbing.  A part of their reality is being ripped away and a part of their dream is being erased.

It is important to help people understand that we at Heritage of America and The Helpful Hands Foundation are here to help them preserve their dream.

Unfortunately home preservation is not the same as home buying. There is no negotiation nor counter offers.  It is a presentation of the homeowners current ability to RETAIN that dream. The lender has set guidelines to mitigate the financial loss of the property.   Our focus is to present the homeowners current financial scenario in the best way possible for both parties involved.  The lender will take a hard look at whether it would be cheaper (or more profitable to them) to simply proceed with the foreclosure process on the house.
Many families have been affected with this economy whether it be job loss, a death in the family, illness or just a toxic loan.  Being “the helpful hand” for someone will brighten their day and bring hope back into their lives.  We don't make the rules, we --here at Heritage of America and The Helpful Hands Foundation -- must have the compassion to guide people through this process. 

Whether a person is at the front end as a Field Counselor or on the back end as a Mitigation Counselor, together at Heritage of America and The Helpful Hands Foundation we can be the 'helpful hand' that these people are seeking.  Together we are making a difference.

HAECF developed a 30 second television PSA (one in English and a second one in Spanish) which announces their intent to help people by offering to work with their lenders, and consequently,  to save their homes (see below).

Loan Modification Video - English Version

Loan Modification Video - Spanish Version

Please call (661) 325-5098 or email Patricia Rainey for loan modification help.