Latino Academy Photos

Several Bakersfield journalists and television anchors were part of a panel on Latino Journalists.  Olivia Garcia - Editor MAS Magazine, (Front row, 4th from left); Leonel Martinez, writer Bakersfield Californian Newspaper, 5th from left to right, second row; Sandra Gonzales- Reporter KGETTV 17 NBC Affiliate, 6th person, left to right;  Sergio Flores,- Anchor KKEY Telemundo Network, 7th person, Left to right

Dr. Li Wang traveled from Tianjin City, China to Bakersfield, CA to lecture to the Academy on Chinese minority experiences and compared them to the Chicano experience in the U.S.

Heritage of America Board member Ernie Lewis entertains the Chicano - Latino Academy with his fabulous folk songs at Pine Mountain Club for the group's retreat, December 2005.

Everyone enjoyed Ernie's beautiful singing and great guitar playing at PMC.

Dr. Jose Moreno of California State University Long Beach (back row- 6th from left) made a presentation to our Latino Academy at Pine Mountain Club (2005) on Chicano & Latinos in Higher Education.

On top of Mt. Pinos, the group had to cancel their hike due to this snow blizzard.

Latino Academy members (L to R) Ismael Guzman, Jesse Ibarra, Dr. Nieto, Selene Magana, David Arietta) front row- Gustavo Arellano, at Pine Mountain Club at their retreat 2005

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