Jesus (Jess) G. Nieto


Name:                         Jesus Gilberto Nieto

Date of Birth:             September 23, 1947

Place of Birth:             Deming , New Mexico , United States of America

Business Address:     1004 H Street , Suite F, Bakersfield , California , 93304

Phone:                         Work (661) 325-5098  Cell: (661) 578-8278

FAX:                             (661) 322-3212  

Vidoephone:              (661) 578-6033



·        Bakersfield High School , Graduated 1966

·        Bakersfield College 1966-68, Associate of Arts Degree, Political Science major and minor in Speech and Spanish

·        California State University, Long Beach 1968-70, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Political Science Major, (areas of concentration in Political Science: American Government & Politics, Comparative Governments; Political Theory & Philosophy), and Minors in Spanish Literature and History.

·        University of California , Los Angeles 1970-71, Master of Arts Degree, Latin American Studies Major (Interdisciplinary Concentration in History, Political Science & Anthropology) Master Thesis: Political Implications of Rural Urban Migration To The Brazilian Revolution of 1964.

·        University of Southern California , 1973-75, Doctor of Education Degree: Areas of Study: Sociology of Education, Philosophy of Education, Educational Administration & Higher Education. Major in Higher Education & Specialty in International - Intercultural Education and U.S. Community Colleges. Doctoral Dissertation - An International Intercultural Approach In A Community College Setting. 1975.

·        Additional Graduate Work at the University of Arizona- Tucson , 1973.

Employment History

·        Farm worker 1962-1966 San Joaquin Valley

·        North Bakersfield Recreation District 1966-68: Recreation & Sports Leader

·        Sears & Roebuck Co. 1966-68: Dishwasher & Sales Clerk

·        Los Angeles Times, Bakersfield California : Newspaper Delivery 1967-68

·        United States Forest Service Summers of 1966-67-70, Fire Fighter

·        American Youth Foundation 1969, Youth Counselor, Michigan & New Hampshire

·        Bakersfield College 1971-1983

Counselor 1971-1973; Professor, Founder & Coordinator/Director of Chicano Studies & Chicano Cultural Center 1971-1977; Developed B.C. Bilingual Bicultural Teacher Corps Program in coordination with California State University, Bakersfield 1974; Developed international education program (Project MECHICA) in Chicano Studies  in Mexico for U.S. students to study abroad, and conduct research on the development on bilingual/bicultural teaching materials later at CSUB.

Dr. Jess Nieto (left) and Dr. Julian Nava, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico 1978-81 at a Heritage of America function.  Dr. Nava supported the Project MUSTT (Mexico - U.S. Technology Transfer)  project between Mexico and the US,  and he introduced Dr. Nieto's idea for a  Binational University to President Jose Lopez Portillo of Mexico and the US during the Carter administration.

As member of Faculty Committee of BC graduation requirements, introduced in 1971 a proposal for the establishment of “cross-cultural awareness” requirements for Associate of Arts graduation requirement.  With the support of President Dr. John Collins, it was accepted at BC in 1973 more than 20 years before colleges and universities began requiring a course or courses in “cross-cultural awareness,” or “diversity.”

Courses taught include: History 30A of Mexico; History 30B Chicano History: United States Government & Politics; U.S. History 17A: Explorations & Colonial Period to 1865; U.S. History 17B: 1865 Reconstruction To The Present; Psychology 44: Mexican Americans & Group Dynamics & The Individual In A Changing Society; Chicano Studies 45: Topics in Chicano Studies (in conjunction with the international studies program I established.)

Curriculum development includes Introduction To Ethnic Studies I: African American & Chicano Studies;  Sociology 36, Sociology of the Mexican American; Sociology 36A: Fieldwork In Chicano Sociology; Philosophy 35: Mexican & Chicano Philosophy;  Music 38: Music of the Mexican American; Chicano Studies/Art 32B- Chicano Art

Administrative Internship at Bakersfield College, 1975-1977, as a part of my  internship I handled a variety of duties for President Dr. John Collins as an assistant.

Dean, Delano College Center 1977-82: Was responsible for all academic programs, student services, and community services for the College Center.  Was also responsible for working with the Delano College Center Foundation.

Also worked on developing international education programs for the Kern Community College District and the League For Innovation with Kern Community College District Chancellor Dr. Jim Young and Dr. Terry O'Bannion of the League.

·        Butte Community College- Colleges Overseas, 8 week study tour of Western Europe and North Africa, summer 1973.  Courses taught include Comparative Governments of Western Europe, and Civilizations and Cultures of the Mediterranean .  Countries visited include England , France , Germany , Austria , Italy , Spain , Portugal , Morocco , The Netherlands , and Belgium .

·        State University of New York: Developed a summer program in Mexico City for students of the SUNY system and The University of Arizona- Tucson, and Pima Community College of Tucson with Dr. Steve Escow, President of Rockland Community College of Suffern, New York, and Dr. Jorge Perez Ponce of the American Association of Community And Junior Colleges- International Programs of Washington D.C. Taught courses in Pre-Columbian Culture, History, & Civilizations at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, and also held classes at the Benjamin Franklin Library, Mexico City.  Organized Spanish language courses for the program at the Mexican and American Cultural Center in Mexico City .  Took students to several archeological zones through the assistance of the National Institute of Anthropology and History for field work in Central Mexico, Oaxaca , the Yucatan , and Chiapas . Summers of 1975, 1976, 1977.

·        Marketing & Financial Management Enterprises, Inc. Marketing Consultant, Hispanic market specialist, 1977-82.  Worked on a variety of projects with several market segments including the sports and Hispanic markets before the Hispanic market was actually called “Hispanic” by the U.S. Census Bureau.

·        Mendoza, Dillon Y Asociados, Inc. 1982-83, Vice President Client Services, Newport Beach , California . (Hispanic advertising agency)  Worked with one of the largest Hispanic advertising firms in the country during its developmental stages.  Handled a variety of national accounts.

·        Nieto & Associates: Marketing & Advertising, Founder & President, 1983 to Present, Bakersfield , California

·        Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation, Founder & Executive Director, (non-profit organization), Bakersfield , California . 1976 - Present.

Organization has developed cultural and educational programs, television specials (these programs have been viewed in several large U.S. cities, national Mexican television, and national Brazilian television), concerts, conferences, seminars, and provided leadership to political redistricting efforts in 1980 with Californios For Fair Representation and in 1990 with the Latino Redistricting Coalition.  Developed The New Citizenship & Immigration Project in 1985. To get background information on the reasons for the establishment of the citizenship & immigration services program of Heritage of America see Page 18-19, “Delegation Member of Congressional - U.S. Citizens Peace Delegation To Central America, June-July 1985.” This section (pages 19-20) will provide background information on why I became involved with the U.S. sanctuary movement and discovered that there were thousands of Central Americans arriving in the U.S. as a result of a disastrous U.S. foreign policy that refused to acknowledge that these immigrants were political refugees fleeing their war-torn countries. Following my trip to Central America in 1985, I established The New Citizenship & Immigration Services Program in Bakersfield .  Later I established similar programs in Delano , Chula Vista , Lake Elsinore , Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego , Santa Ana , Seal Beach , California , and Tempe , Arizona , Las Vegas , NV , and El Paso , TX .  At one time, Heritage of America was the only organization approved by the Educational Testing Service/Immigration and Naturalization Service to give the Naturalization/Citizenship Test in Kern County (until 1995 when national regulations changed).

Through Heritage of America in collaboration with One Stop Immigration of Los Angeles to get S.I.A.G. federal funding, I developed an instructional program for Hispanic adults in Kern County with funds of the Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986 to assist in the integration of these adults into U.S. society.  I established English As A Second Language classes, adult literacy classes (some of these classes consisted of teaching Mexican Mixtec Indians Spanish so that they could then start to learn English), and citizenship classes in Bakersfield, Arvin, Lamont, Delano, McFarland, Wasco, Shafter, Lost Hills, Taft, Rosamond, and Tehachapi for over 3,500 adults between 1989 and 1992.  I implemented the Paulo Freire method or philosophy of education, and the "New Literacy" approach to teaching.  Heritage of America had a budget of between $400,000 and $500,000 annually. In order to train staff from our Kern County program of Heritage of America and staff from One Stop from other regions of California, I developed a certificate program through California State University, Bakersfield's Division of Extended Studies And Regional Programs for training teachers, teacher aides, and other professionals in the field of adult education. The program consisted of The Basic Certificate Program of four required courses totaling 5 quarter units, and the Advanced Certificate Program of 12 quarter units.  The following courses were developed and taught by Dr. Nieto: 1.) Introduction To Hispanics  and Adult Education: Historical, Sociological And Psychological Perspectives; 2.) Hispanic Immigration To The United States; 3.) The Education of La Raza In The United States; 4.) Hispanics And Adult Education; 5.) English As A Second Language; 6.) Hispanic Adult Education And Economic Development (This course was team taught with UFW President Cesar Chavez and I at La Paz, the UFW headquarters) ;  7.) Hispanics and the Oral Tradition; 8.) Hispanics- The Arts And Culture; 9.) Testing Applications for The Adult Hispanic Learner; 10.) Staff Evaluation In Hispanic And Adult Education Programs.

Continued Work in the New Citizenship & Immigrations Services Program: Heritage of America has continued to work in opposing efforts by politicians and the general population to blame immigrants, and more specifically, undocumented immigrants for the economic and social problems of our country.   HAECF continues to offer classes to help citizenship applicants prepare to take the citizenship test, and it provides other immigration-related services, such as completing petitions for relatives, translation of documents, renewal of Resident Alien cards, work permit renewals, affidavits of support, political asylum petitions, letters of inquiry to the Immigration & Naturalization Services and a variety of other INS applications or petitions.  Heritage of America has helped over 15,000 persons with citizenship and immigration services since 1985.

Project H.O.P.E. (Housing Opportunities & Economic Development)  Heritage of America has purchased houses through FHA 203 (k) and 203 B  programs, refurbished them, and then sold the houses (through an assumable loan) to FHA-qualified buyers on a no-down payment basis.  Heritage has awarded (given away) over $350,000 to first time buyers for their down payments and closing costs since 1995.  Our work has also involved providing residential loans to people; conforming/conventional loans, and FHA Title I and Title II, loans. 

International Education: HAECF has developed several international educational programs with Mexico , Cuba , Honduras , China , and Indonesia .

Mexico :  A number of programs have been developed since the 1970s with a number of Mexican scholars, educators, and researchers revolving around a series of topics of concern and interest to Chicano students and educators.  This has included a number of student and educator delegations traveling to Mexico , and in turn receiving a number of Mexican delegations in Bakersfield .

Honduras :  HAECF obtained the broadcast rights from the Secretary of Public Education from the Honduran government and the FEREMA Foundation to APREMAT (Aprendamos Matematicas) a math program for first, second, and third grade students of 150 one half hour programs designed to increase math skills.  HAECF will provide, free of charge, through the Internet and the use of an I-Pod, access to these programs in the U.S.

Cuba : Heritage of America has participated in several conferences with the University of Havana and helped their Center for U.S. Studies develop a Chicano Studies Program for Cuban students. HAECF has also collaborated on a number of organic agriculture and entomological collaborations with the University.  

China : HAECF has also developed a China-Pacific Rim Project (1996) with programs involving cultural, educational, and business activities with China .   Herencia now has representatives in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Tianjin City, China.  Among the programs developed by Herencia include the following:

·         I have been invited by UNESCO, the Chinese government, and several educational institutions of China to present a paper to an International Educational Forum in Tianjin City , China on October 29, 30, 31, 2007.

·         Developed  Project CAT (Chinese Actors Training) for China International Trade Investment Corporation’s Century Hero Film Company aimed at training Chinese actors, and a joint program in feature film production.  2003.

·         The Beijing California Organic Agriculture Center to develop organic agriculture programs in China including research, certification, education, and training.  Project started 2005.

·         Developed Projects ELAT-China and ELAT USA (Electrificacion Local de la Atmosfera Terrestre) aimed at establishing a weather modification technology program in China and the USA . Project started 2003.

·         The Abacus Project USA- I have taken American educators to China during several trips to observe the use of the abacus for the development of mental mathematical calculation skills.  Heritage organized a two week training program for American teachers of three Kern County school districts to learn how to use the abacus and how to train children (as young as 5 years of age) in the use of the abacus, November 2005.  This program is continuing.

·         Visited and provided educational consultation to a number of educational institutions and educational groups including universities, educational districts and private schools including but not restricted to  Beijing, Tianjin City,  Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shangdong, People’s Republic of China, June 1996 to the present, ongoing programs.

·         Developed and hosted educational delegations of officials, educators, and students from various cities and regions of China including Tianjin City, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Xi’an, Haibei, & Chengdu to Bakersfield every year beginning February-April 1996 to the present.  This includes educational programs for groups of Chinese students, and Chinese administrators and teachers in Bakersfield during the last 11 years.

·         Project I-CLAD (International Cross Cultural & Academic Development) Certificate Program.  In 2002 this program was developed for the Nankai Educational District of Tianjin City, China .  This 3 month program focused on second language acquisition theory and techniques, English as a Second Language, Total Physical Response, and American Trends in Education.  This program is now expanding to work with the Beijing Normal University and their affiliate high schools, and a number of middle schools of Chengdu , Sechuan.

·         Developed two summer school programs for two high schools of Shanghai, China in Bakersfield and Pine Mountain Club, California 1998.  Worked with the Minhang Middle-High School and the Lan Tian Middle High School .

·         Developed a teacher training program in ESL techniques, first and second language acquisition theory and practice, and ESL methods including total physical response with the Bureau of Education of the Pu Tuo District of Shanghai , China .

·         Developed a Sino-Mexican ( China- Mexico ) business, education, and tourism program with our representative Dr. Jian Hu of our Beijing , China office and with our representative Adolfo de la Huerta of  Mexico City.  The program started in 1997 and aims at bringing together Chinese and Mexican professionals interested in developing business, educational, and tourism programs.

·         A training & educational program on the WTO (World Trade Organization) was developed for Beijing , China .

·         California State University , Bakersfield , from 1983 to 1996: Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, School of Education , and University Extended Studies (1991, 2002, 2003.).  Courses taught at California State University, Bakersfield: Sociology 327: Race & Ethnic Relations In The United States And Global Perspectives; Behavioral Science 351: The Social Psychology of the Ghetto/Barrio; Sociology 338: The Mexican American In A Contemporary Society (now entitled The Latino Experience In The United States; Educational Administration 685: Management And Policy Development In A Multicultural Setting, Advanced Educational Studies.  (See One Stop Immigration section for courses developed and taught for CSUB, Extended Studies and School of Education .)

·         University of San Diego- Bakersfield Program (1996 to 2004) - Developed program and courses for the Division of Continuation Education of USD for the Cross Cultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate Program (CLAD) required by the State Department of Education for the State of California for public schools.  I developed the following courses: Education X558Z Cultural Diversity And Its’ Impact on Education; Education X558X First And Second Language Development And Structure For The Classroom Teacher; Education X558Y Theories And Methods In English Language Development And Content For The Classroom Teacher ; and courses in Spanish Language Development.  I teach these courses for USD through the USD - Bakersfield  program.

·         California State University Long Beach- I developed the Chicano Latino Scholastic & Leadership Academy in Bakersfield in 2005 for students from Bakersfield College, California State University Bakersfield, and Taft College.  The Latino Academy then offers CSULB courses from its Chicano & Latino Studies Department which I teach.  Courses include CHLS 105 - Identity and Assimilation in Chicano Life (3 units); CHLS 230 - Chicano Community Organization (3 units); CHLS 340- Latino Education in the U.S. (3 units); and CHLS 490- Special Topics in Chicano Studies (3 units).  University students receive a scholarship and serve as mentors for middle school and high school students, and in turn, the university students are mentored by Chicano / Latino professionals.

·         Cuatro Vientos Internacionales, Inc. – This company, established in February 2007 was developed to work with Proveedora y Procesadora De Agave Tres Hnos. S.A. de C.V. (The factory/distiller, importer and distributor of Tequila El Fononero) where I am a part owner of these companies.  CVI is also involved in the importation, distribution, marketing, and sales of not only tequila but other spirits and products as well.

I. Description of Nieto & Associates: Marketing & Advertising

Nieto and Associates is a Bakersfield based marketing and advertising firm which handles a variety of general population marketing/advertising clients as well as Hispanic programs for local, regional, and national clients.

Work and projects revolve around such areas as these: 

·        Comprehensive marketing plan development

·        Corporate seminars on select topics

·        Research (Quantitative as well as qualitative)

·        Advertising  (TV, radio, outdoor, & print, production creative, media planning & buying)

·        Promotions (Some promotions have involved as many as 120,000 persons for a two- day event.)

·        Public Relations (Corporate message or image enhancement)

·        Telemarketing

·        Internet Marketing & Advertising

The following list includes ongoing clients and those for whom Nieto & Associates has performed special projects and events on a periodic basis:

Chain, Younger, Cohn, Stiles: A Law Corporation, Bakersfield , California . Full and comprehensive general population and Hispanic marketing and advertising services; research, creative, production, media, promotions, and focus groups research (1983-1991).

Marketing & Financial Management Enterprises, Inc. Encino, California. Projects/clients included, but not limited to: Ford Motor Company (Developed national Vamos Juntos Project); Johnston 's Yogurt, Ralph's Markets, Fernando Allende (actor); Viviane Woodard Corporation, West Coast Savings Association. (1977-1982)

Tepusquet Vineyards, Santa Maria, California. Consumer research and brochure development for corporate investment, 1983-84.

Marineland of the Pacific--Rancho Palos Verdes, California, advertising, 1984-85.

Eisaman, Johns, & Laws Advertising, Inc. Los Angeles, California. Kahlua  Hispanic market consultation, Dominos Pizza (Hispanic market consultation) (1982-1983).

Lawry's Foods, Inc. Los Angeles, California - Research (Secondary & Qualitative) – Marketing plan development; development of new line of products (spices and condiments); creative and production (Radio, TV); media; promotion: The First International Los Angeles Mariachi Festival At Universal Studios (1985)  Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California;  Developed and organized "The First International Los Angeles Mariachi Festival", September 12-13, 1985 for Lawry's Foods, Universal Studios, Pan American Foods, Gamesa Foods, and Western Airlines. Unprecedented music festival with eight world class mariachis including Mariachi Vargas De Tecatitlan, Mariachi Los Camperos De Nati Cano and Mariachi Los Galleros De Pedro Rey played together for the first time. Universal Studios, Los Angeles , California (1984-1986).

Bill Wright Toyota, Bakersfield, California Hispanic advertising, focus groups (1983-1987).

Focus Groups Research for Browne, Broileet, Taylor & Wheeler Law Firm, Santa Monica, CA 1994-1995-1996.

Focus Groups Research For Steinbrecker & Cohen Law Firm, Encino, CA., 1994-1995.

Golden Empire Transit District, Bakersfield, California.  Consultation on bus color design; signs, etc. - Hispanic advertising, television & radio (1985-1988).

American National Bank, Bakersfield, California Research on Hispanic demographics, trends, and use of banking services (1982-1983).

Joint Venture With Multi Media American, Claremont , California .  Mexicana Airlines (Media; national USA markets) Philippines Airlines (Media; national USA markets) Martin-Air Holland (Media; national USA markets) Mission Foods, Inc. Los Angeles, California (Advertising, national USA markets) (1985-1989).

Westin Camino Real Hotels (Las Brisas in Acapulco, Las Hadas in Manzanillo, Mexico; advertising and media) (1989-1990).

Camino Real Ixtapa, Ixtapa, Mexico, Advertising, national U.S. markets (1985-1986).

Nikkos Condo Resort, Acapulco, Mexico, Research and advertising U.S. markets (1985-1989).       

Tootje Of California, San Francisco, California, Qualitative focus groups research (1986).            

Aqua Vend Water, Sparkletts Water/Alhambra Water, McKesson Corporation, Los Angeles, California, Research; (Quantitative and qualitative) Advertising (Creative, production, media), Corporate seminars on Hispanic market (1986-1992).

Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, Bakersfield, California, Advertising. (1986-

Crosspoint Communications, Inc. Bakersfield , California , Advertising (1985-1988).

Casa Maya Hotel, Cancun, Mexico; U.S. markets, radio advertising, English & Spanish (1985-1992).

America Hotel & Beach Resort, Cancun, Mexico, U.S. markets, radio advertising, English & Spanish (1985-1993).

Yal 'ma can Hotel, Cancun , Mexico , California markets, outdoor advertising (1985-1993).

Fiesta Americana Hotel, Tijuana, Mexico, research & advertising,  TV, radio, print, outdoor (1986-1990).       

La Concha Beach Resort, La Paz, Baja California, Mexico,  California & Arizona markets, TV advertising (1986-1990).

Stouffer Presidente Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California,  Mexico, TV advertising in California (1988-1989).

Note: Work on the majority of these hotel accounts involved research, advertising (creative, production & media), promotions, and sale of rooms to wholesale  and travel agencies in the USA . Advertising is national or regional in nature directed at both general population as well as Hispanic population.

Contel Telephone Services, Bakersfield, California. Research (qualitative- focus groups), Creative, production, radio & print advertising. Markets included New Mexico , Texas , and California (1987-1989).

NEDA Business Development Center, Bakersfield, California. Provided marketing and advertising services for Small Business Opportunity Day Trade Fair,  Bakersfield, California. 1989.

Montebello Town Center (Shopping Mall), Montebello , California . Advertising for the mall, print, outdoor, 1991-1994.

Holiday Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Shafter & Delano, California. TV & radio advertising (1992-1994).

Laidlaw Environmental Services of California, public relations work on environmental and public relations issues, April 1993 to June 1994, Bakersfield, California.

Coastal Pacific, Inc., Kauai , Hawaii , marketing and production of video for real estate property near Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico, 1994-1995.

Crystal Geyser Water Company, San Francisco .  TV and Radio Advertising Production For U.S. Hispanic markets for Alpine Spring Water and for the new product Jui2ce.  Research conducted, both quantitative and qualitative (includes focus groups),  creative and production of television and radio commercials. 1995 - 1998.

The Wine Group, Inc.  San Francisco .  Marketing consultation and research, Spring 1998 – 1999.

Bakersfield Family Funeral Directors Qualitative Research, July 2002, Hispanic Focus Groups.  June 2003, General Population Focus Groups, Bakersfield, California.

Marketing & Advertising Awards: Local, Regional, & National

This is not a comprehensive list, but it includes a representative list of some of the awards received:

Award for Excellence, Poster Design, Los Angeles Ad Club, "Menudo Sunday," 1984 U.S. Menudo Championship, 1984.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, Non-English Category, Golden Empire Transit, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "Ahora Mismo," Golden Empire Transit District, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "No Es Mas Que Un Sueno," Golden Empire Transit District, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "Un Lugar Especial," Non-English Category, Hotel Casa Maya Cancun , 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "A Special Place,"  Image Category, Hotel Casa Maya Cancun, 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "Next Please," Non-English Service Category, One Stop Immigration & Educational Center, Inc. 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, "Como Llegaste," Non-English Category, Golden Empire Transit District, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, Radio, " Como Llegaste," Product Promotion, Golden Empire Transit District, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Hablamos Su Idioma," Image Category,  Chain Younger Law Firm, 1987.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Hablamos Su Idioma," Non-English Category, Chain Younger Law Firm, 1987.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Roberto," Chain Younger Law Firm, Image Category, 1988.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Radio, "Me Voy A Malacostumbrar,"  Contel Telephone, 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Agua Perfecta," Non-English Category, Sparkletts Water, 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Agua Perfecta," Image Category, Sparkletts, Water, 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Agua Perfecta," Jingle, Sparkletts Water, 1990.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Abuelito," Image Category, Aqua Vend Water, 1991.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "Abuelito," Product Promotion, Aqua Vend Water, 1991.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "En El Camino," Image Category, Sparkletts Water, 1992.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Excellence, TV, "En El Camino," Jingle, Sparkletts Water, 1992.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, Award of Merit, Magazine, Spring In Europe, Soccer World Cup, Montebello Town Center , 1989.

Pizzaz Award, Bakersfield Ad Club, GRAND PRIZE, Non - English Category, "Abuelito," 1991.

Gold Award, Sacramento Advertising Club, Award of Excellence, Car Sales Category, "Agent'" Holiday Ford Lincoln Mercury, 1991.

Silver Award, Sacramento Advertising Club, Award of Merit, Car Sales Category, "Jailbird," Holiday Ford Lincoln Mercury, 1991.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Non-English Category, Sparkletts Water, 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Non-English Category, Sparkletts Water, 1991.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Beverage Category, Sparkletts Water, 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Transportation Category, Golden Empire Transit District, 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Non-English Category, Golden Empire Transit District, 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Packaged Foods Category, Lawry's Foods, 1989.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Non-English Category, Lawry's Foods, 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Tourism Category, Hotel Casa Maya Cancun , 1990.

Silver Microphone Award, National Finalist, Tourism Category, Hotel Casa Maya Cancun , 1991.

Telly Award, (Comparable to Academy Award, except it is for the advertising industry), 1991, Sparkletts Water, "En El Camino"

Telly Award, 1990, Aqua Vend Water, "Abuelito"

Golden Gavel Award, National Trial Lawyers Marketing Association, Best/1st in Nation For Yellow Pages Advertising, Chain Younger Law Firm,  Boston, Mass., 1989.

II. Education

Research, publications, curriculum development, paper presentations:

Jesus G. Nieto, "A Case Study Of The Oil Expropriation In Mexico , 1938." A Latin American Center Paper. University of California, Los Angeles, 1970.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Political Implications of Rural Urban Migration On The Brazilian Revolution of 1964." A Latin American Studies Center Paper & Masters Thesis. University of California, Los Angeles, 1970.

Jesus G. Nieto, "The Rise And Fall Of The Mexican Catholic Church." A Latin American Center Paper. University of California, Los Angeles, California, 1971.

Jesus G. Nieto, "An Interview With Dr. Tirano Galvano: A Leader To The Opposition To General Franco In Spain ." Colleges Overseas. Bakersfield College Library. 1972.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Feelings Through Interaction." Philosophy Of The Third World edited by Heydar Reghaby. Berkeley , California , Composition Lewis Publication, 1972.

Gus Garcia and Jesus G. Nieto, "The Education Of La Raza In The Southwest," TV Special For KJTV-17. March 1973.

Gus Garcia and Jesus G. Nieto, "Bilingual-Bicultural Education: An Educational Solution In The Southwest," TV Special For KJTV-17. Bakersfield , California . March 1973.

Gus Garcia and Jesus G. Nieto, "Reactions and Counter Reactions To The Education Of La Raza," TV Special For KJTV-17, Bakersfield , California , April 1973.

Jesus G. Nieto, "The Chicano College Administrator," Paper Presentation For The American Association Of Community And Junior Colleges National Conference. Washington , D.C. February 1974.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Cinco De Mayo: A Historical And Cultural Analysis," TV Special For KERO 23. Bakersfield , California . May 1974.

Jesus G. Nieto, Mexican And Chicano Art: An Anthology. Title IX: Ethnic Heritage Studies Programs Project MECHICA. Bakersfield College . Chicano Cultural Center. Bakersfield , California . 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, Pre Columbian, Mexican, And Chicano Thought And Philosophy. Vol. 1, Vol. 11. Title IX: Ethnic Heritage Studies Programs-Project MECHICA. Bakersfield College . Chicano Cultural Center. Bakersfield , California . May 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Repatriation Of The 1930's, the Pachuco Riots, Farm workers, And The Movimiento: A Talk With Carey McWilliams," Videotape Interview. Chicano Cultural Center, Bakersfield College. Bakersfield , California . May 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, Chicano Philosophical Foundations: A Talk With Federico Sanchez," Videotape Interview. Chicano Cultural Center,  Bakersfield College. Bakersfield , California . April 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "The History Of The Chicano: His Pre Columbian Past," Produced TV documentary for Bakersfield College, Chicano Cultural Center, and McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Inc. KERO 23, March 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Chicano Studies - International Perspectives," paper presentation at the Multicultural Institute Conference. San Francisco , California , October 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "International Education In The Community College In California ," Paper At The Social Sciences Association Conference. San Francisco , California , 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Chicano Access To Higher Education," Paper Presentation for the Association Of Mexican American Education State Conference. Fresno , California . October 1975.

F.E. Albi And Jesus G. Nieto. "Sighs and Songs of Aztlan: A Chicano Literature Anthology." Funded by Ethnic Heritage Studies Programs, Title IX, Washington, D.C.  Universal Press, Bakersfield, California, 1975.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Guide To An Analysis of Curriculum Materials For Ethnic Heritage Programs." California State Department of Education, Sacramento, 1976. Co-author and member of Design Group. (The guide has been used throughout the state of California .)

Jesus G. Nieto, "The Use of the Media for Bilingual/Bicultural Education," Fifth Annual International Bilingual/Bicultural Education Conference, San Antonio, Texas. April 29-May 2, 1976.

Jesus G. Nieto, "Music As Cultural History," American Issues Forum. Nationally syndicated newspaper article. January, 1976.

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Jesus G. Nieto, project director of HERITAGE OF AZTLAN. Project on the research and development of a television series on the history, culture, and heritage of the Chicano. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Sponsored by KCET-TV 28 - Los Angeles and in cooperation with Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, California. October 1977 - August 1978.

Jesus G. Nieto, along with Luis Valdez and Edward Gruskin, researched and wrote television script, "Plumed Serpent and Smoking Mirror," a two hour dramatization based on the Toltec period in Tula (Mexico) during Quetzatcoatl's rule in the 10th century A.D. Funded by the National Endowment For The Humanities and in cooperation with KCET-TV 28 Los Angeles, California. 1977-78.

Jesus G. Nieto, developed television documentary, "Pre-Columbian Cosmology." Grant by the California 's Arts Council- Sacramento , California . (Documentary film on site in various parts of Mexico, Spring 1977 and Summer 1978.)

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Jess Nieto, “The Impact of Immigration on Future Public Policy,” a paper presentation at the Chicano / Latino / Cubano Experience Conference : Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Centro de Estudios Sobre Estados Unidos, La Universidad de la Havana, Cuba, July 13-15, 1999.

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Current research and writing projects include the following:

·         “A Chicano Social History of the Kern River Country 1776- 2006.”

·         “Unsung Heroes: The Chicano Movement.”

·         “An Unfinished Education- Successes & Failures.”

·         “Immigration Reform: Myth or Reality?”

·         “The Nieto Family Legacy: A California Pioneer Family.”

·         “Echoes of Sighs & Songs of Aztlan: The Poetry & Prose of Jess Nieto.”

III. Consultations and Projects

Consultant to a variety of Agencies, Institutions, Governments, Groups, and Organizations, among them:

·        Educational consultant to Mrs. Fu Lin Zhang, CEO of school in Tianjin Ciy, People’s Republic of China , in June 1996.  Hosted Mrs. Zhang’s faculty & student delegation in Bakersfield and Beadsley School District for educational program 1997.

·        Project Director for The Endangered Minority Male Conferences at California State University, Bakersfield; through One Stop Immigration & Educational Center-Bakersfield and the Sociology Department of CSUB, funded by the Office of Minority Health, Washington DC. March and June 1993.

·        Project Director for "En Busca De Un Mañana Mejor" (Spanish Language Parenting Program), Parenting Education classes, under Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation funded by Target Stores, 1993-1994

·        Delegation Member of Congressional - U.S. Citizens Peace Delegation to Central America , June-July 1985.  Along with Aris Anagnos and Margarita Studemeister wrote a report, "Report of the Delegation for Peace In Central America, June 27-July 11, 1985," (handled the publication in Bakersfield) and  presented it to the U.S. Congress in July 20, 1985 and also delivered it at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  This effort was the first dialogue for peace in Central America established with several major groups, particularly the guerrilla groups of the FMLN of El Salvador and the U.S. Congress.  The Peace Delegation's mission consisted of obtaining a general assessment of the nature and effects of armed conflicts and in exploring the willingness of governments and peoples in Central America to support and implement peaceful solutions.  The Peace Delegation arranged a number of meetings, participated in social events and attended public ceremonies in Mexico , Honduras , El Salvador , Nicaragua , and Cuba .  The Delegation met with many government and opposition leaders, political parties, religious, peasant, labor, human rights, and media groups to try and gather the widest possible range of opinions.  The Peace Delegation's Report was able to help Congress, the American press, and the American people gain a better understanding of the Central American conflict and the role of the United States in the region, and it led to a peace resolution in El Salvador several years later.

Continuation of Peace Delegation To Central America information and report: The following list includes some, but not all, of the individuals, groups, governments, and organizations the Peace Delegation met with in Central America: In Mexico met with Bernardo Sepulveda, Foreign Relations Minister, and Salvador Samayoa, Political-Diplomatic Commission of the Farabundo Marti Front For National Liberation and the Democratic Revolutionary Front (FMLN-FDR), and U.S. Ambassador John Gavin; in Honduras met with Dr. Ramon Villeda and Leo Valladares-Foreign Relations Ministry, Luise Druke- Deputy Representative and Interium Representative for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the National Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the Bu-Giron Movement of the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Revolutionary Movement of the Liberal Party, and ten other major political and workers organizations, Ramon Valladares, Judge for the Supreme Court; in El Salvador organized for the international press and U.S. Congressman George Brown (Chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee) a historic and first ever meeting with the FMLN including Commanders Joaquin Villalobos, Jorge Shafik Handel, Facundo Guardado, Lucio Rivera, Leo Cabral, Miguel Mendoza, Carlos Argueta, Mercedes del Carmen Letona, residents of Perquin, Morazan, Archbishop Arturo Rivera y Damas, Mothers' Committee For The Political Prisoners, Assassinated and Disappeared "Oscar Arnulfo Romero", Dr. Miguel Angel Parada, Rector (President) of the University of El Salvador, and President Napoleon Duarte; in Nicaragua met with President Daniel Ortega, Commander Tomas Borge- Minister of the Interior & only surviving member of the Sandinistas, Jose Leon Talavera Salinas - Vice Minister of Foreign Relations, Commander Omar Cabezas - Ministry of the Interior; and in Cuba met with President Fidel Castro, Ramon Castro (brother of Fidel), and members of his government.

·        Keynote Speaker Presentation- First Annual Association of Hispanic Publications, Los Angeles , California , Oct. 10, 1984.

·        Appointed to Commission of The Californias by Governor Jerry Brown & Lt. Governor Mike Curb. Served on the Education Committee, Chairman of the Binational College Committee.   Also involved in economic development and tourism areas (1975-82).

·        Developed and organized "Day of The Americas Special Awards Program," in 1984 which was a celebration designed to honor and recognize the achievement of the Chicano/Latino and non-Latino citizens of Kern County in a multicultural & multiethnic society. Follow-up programs were also developed in 1990, 1991, 1992,  2003, 2004, and 2005.  Over 135 awards have been presented to Kern County Chicano/Latino and non-Latino citizens .  The Chicano / Latino Hall of Fame was also created in 2003 and the following persons have been elected to the Hall of Fame:  Ventura Cuen (Bakersfield pioneer); Cesar Chavez (labor & civil rights leader, co-founder of United Farm Workers of America; Dolores Huerta (co-founder of UFW with Chavez); Dr. Ray Gonzales (educator, political leader, author); Dr. Tomas Arciniega (educator, President CSUB 21 years, retired); Luis Valdez (founder Teatro Campesino American playwright).

·        Keynote Speaker For Multicultural Education Summer Institute at Northern Arizona State University, Flagstaff, Arizona, June 29-30, 1989.

·        State Government of Oaxaca, Mexico, 1975-1977, consultant on economic development issues especially as related to tourism and agricultural technology.

·        Mexican National Council of Science and Technology, 1979-1981, consultant to CONACYT  on development of strategies for training programs in the United States for Mexican students in technical, technological areas.  Coordinator for Becas de Aztlan designed by Mexican President Luis Echeverria in 1976 to provide scholarship to U.S. Chicanos for medical school in Mexico, 1979-82.)

·        Developed national pilot program for CONACYT at Bakersfield College , 1979 in agricultural mechanics and electronics (Project MUSTT).

·        Project MUSTT ( Mexico - U.S. Technology Transfer) Agreement for training of Mexican students, June 1980, through the League of Innovation of the U.S. Community Colleges. ( U.S. Mexico Agreement) where over 20,000 Mexican students received training and education in U.S. community colleges.

·        Board of Directors and Vice President for CAMINOS MAGAZINE, 1976-1985, Los Angeles , California .

·        Advisory Council, SOMOS Magazine, 1973-1975, San Bernardino , California .

·        Grupo Sigma, S.A., Mexico City, Spring 1980. Helped develop business plans for U.S. investments, export-import laws.

·        Fossil Energy Corporation, Bakersfield , California , June 1980 - 81, on U.S. Mexico petroleum.

·        Consultant to the Kern County Medical Center , November, 1976, 1990.

·        California State Liaison Committee on Foreign Languages and Bilingual Education. Member of Group, 1975.

·        Member of Accreditation Team to Chabot College --Accrediting Commission for Community & Junior Colleges; Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Hayward , California , February, 1976.

·        United States Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs: Office on Inter-American Programs, the Latin American Regional Project, New Forms of Post-Secondary Education, 1978-79. Worked with 18 governmental and educational leaders from Argentina , the Bahamas , Bolivia , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , and Venezuela . Consultant on various educational issues: among them - higher education, U.S. community colleges, bilingual education, and adult education models  and trends.

·        U.S. Mexico Quadripartite Commission, on U.S. Mexico Bilateral Relations, New York and Mexico City, (worked with U.S. Executive Director - Jeffrey Peters) 1980.

·        "Doing Business In Mexico," A symposium to Kern County businessmen from the petroleum, tourism, agricultural, real state, banking, foreign investment, and legal sectors. Bakersfield , California . April, 1980.

·        San Francisco Community College District. Workshop presentation on "Ethnic Studies -- The State of the Arts." San Francisco , California . February, 1975.

·        California State Department of Instruction: Bureau of Inter-Racial Relations. Consultant on Title IX: Ethnic Heritage Studies Programs. Sacramento , California . 1974-75.

·        Bakersfield City Schools District. Consultant on Chicano Studies. Bakersfield , California . 1973, 73, 74, 75.

·        California State College Bakersfield , Consultant on Chicano Studies.1972, 1973,

·        McFarland School District . Consultant on Article 3.3, Chicano Studies. McFarland , California . 1974.

·        Northern California Multicultural-Bilingual Conference. San Mateo County Office of Education. Workshop Presentation on "Multicultural Education." Burlingame , California . October, 1974.

·        Kern County District Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee (Helped prepare District Program Guidelines to meet requirements of Article 3.3 California Education Code Section 1333444 (School Staff Preparation for the History, Culture and Current Problems of Racial; and Ethnic Minorities) 1974.

·        Belridge School District . Consultant on Cross-Cultural Awareness, and Article 3.3. near Shafter, California , 1973.

Community Activities

Dr. Nieto has been involved in a multitude of community activities throughout his adult life.  The following list includes some, but not all, of the activities he has been involved with:

·        Involved with the John F. Kennedy political campaign in 1960 while in junior high school.  Worked with the Viva Kennedy Campaign in Bakersfield , California .  Worked on mail-out efforts, and getting the vote out on Election Day.

·        Bobby Kennedy for President, 1968.  Worked on his campaign while student at California State University Long Beach until the tragic assassination of Kennedy in April 1968 after his victorious California primary win.

·        McGovern for President Campaign 1972- worked on the McGovern Campaign, getting the vote out during the primary and general election, Bakersfield, California .

·        Ray Gonzales for 36th District, State Assembly- worked for this successful campaign in Bakersfield, Kern County, California, 1972 - also worked for unsuccessful effort to reelect Gonzales in 1974.

·        State of California Chicano Caucus - appointed by State Assemblyman Dr. Ray Gonzales 1972 to first ever Democratic Party Chicano Caucus.

·        Commission of the Californias- 1975-1982- Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown and Lt. Governor Mike Curb to the Commission of the Californias .  Participated on a variety of committees including education, tourism, and economic development.

·        Select Projects with U.S. Ambassador Julian Nava of U.S. Embassy in Mexico during President Jimmy Carter’s Administration. (1978-1980) also worked on the unsuccessful Campaign to Re-Elect Jimmy Carter - 1980.

·        Alan Cranston for U.S. Senate Campaign- 1984 - worked on campaign in electing Senator Cranston.

·        Committee to Elect Michael Dukakis U.S. President- Worked on the effort to get the national Hispanic vote for Dukakis.  Even though Dukakis lost the election, our special committee’s work on the Hispanic vote proved to be very successful.

·        Californios for Fair Representation- 1980.  Worked with state coalition on political redistricting.  Helped achieve redistricting at the Board of Supervisors in Kern County , especially as it related to the 5th Supervisorial District.

·        Ray Gonzales for California Senator of 16th Senatorial District, 1990, unsuccessful.  Also worked for 1992 unsuccessful effort to elect Ray Gonzales for 5th District, Board of Supervisors, Kern County .

·        Latino Redistricting Coalition- Kern County & Bakersfield & California, 1990. I was a member of this Coalition.  With  members of the Coalition which included Dr. Ray Gonzales, Dr. Steve Arvizu, Dr. Thomas Martinez, Lou Gomez, and others, this coalition was successful in the redistricting of the Kern County Board of Supervisors that eventually led to the election of a candidate, Pete Parra, to the 5th Supervisorial District in 1996.  Parra was able to run a successful campaign in a competitive district.  Later Michael Rubio unseated Parra in the 5th District.  This coalition also led  to the redistricting effort that benefitted Hispanics, especially in the creation of the 16th Senate District Senate District that resulted in Dean Florez to get elected, and in the creation of the 30th Assembly District that resulted in the election of Nicole Parra.  These efforts to create a competitive senate and assembly districts were not supported by the California Democratic Party and MALDEF which wanted to dilute these districts in order to strengthen other districts to the north of Kern County which had large Hispanic populations but which would have sacrificed Kern County based Hispanics.  The California Supreme Court sided with our Coalition’s efforts, and hence, we won an important battle to create districts for Hispanics to run competitive races.

·        Co-Chairman of the Kern County Committee of the Dianne Feinstein for Governor of California , 1990.

·        Dianne Feinstein for U.S. Senator, California - 1992.

·        Campaign to Reelect Cal Dooley, For U.S. Congress, 20th Congressional District, 2000, 1998, 1996.

Other Community Activities

·        United Farm Workers of America 1971 & At Various Times To The Present: 1971- Helped Organize with wife Peggy Nieto and mother Guadalupe Nieto the “Friends of the Farm Workers Boycott” of Grocery Stores in Bakersfield, California 1972; worked to develop public support on a variety of legislative issues for the UFW; 1984-1985 developed training program for UFW President Cesar Chavez and his executive board on research and marketing techniques and issues particularly as it related to the boycott of table grapes; worked on a variety of programs with UFW President Cesar Chavez as they related to economic development (team taught a course with Cesar Chavez through CSUB at La Paz for One Stop Immigration).

·        One of founders of Chicanos Unidos for Progress, Kern County , 1974.

·        Co-Founder (with 11 other persons) of Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 1984.