Mission Statement

Heritage’s mission is to provide programs – both local and international – that will enrich participants and promote cross-cultural understanding through education, cultural exchanges, and the performing and fine arts.  Heritage is committed to providing educational and cultural programs that reflect the diversity of our society.  Heritage also has a mission to provide decent and affordable housing and to make the “American dream” of home ownership a reality to home buyers and home owners by providing mortgage service, counseling, and loan modifications. 

About Heritage

The staff of Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation (HAECF) is dedicated to serving Kern County's diverse cultural community.  Activities of the Foundation include the following:

  • Educating the community about cultural diversity.  For over three decades, Heritage has been developing and presenting music, art, classes and other programs designed to promote cultural diversity - both locally and internationally.  Over the years, Heritage has had programs with Mexico, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Honduras. 
  • Holding ethnic music and art festivals. Heritage has promoted and sponsored art and music festivals in the past and looks forward to continuing these programs in the future.
  • Heritage's staff is proud of its work and is eager to work with others who wish to share ideas and/or labor.
  • As a result of the current housing crisis - with many people in or on the verge of foreclosure or other situations where they might lose their homes - Heritage is collaborating with The Helpful Hands Foundation, Inc. in providing counseling and mitigation for people who are at risk of losing their homes.


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