Immigration March Image Video
Featuring Louie Cruz Beltran's "La Migra"

Louie Cruz Beltran composed "La Migra" at a time when major protests and demonstrations began to ignite the largest civil rights  movement in the history of the United States.  Congressman Wlliam Sensebrenner of Wisconsin introduced  H.B. 4437  in the House of Representatives in December 2005 that would make an undocumented  immigrant a felon.  This ignited a firestorm of protests and marches across the country and Louie Cruz Beltran composed the music and lyrics for this powerful and evocative song and it was received by a thunderous response by the media (especially Spanish language radio), community activists, students, and people with a compassionate and humanistic heart.  Heritage of America applauds and celebrates Louie's contribution.  If anyone is interested in obtaining "La Migra" and other musical pieces from Louie Cruz Beltran, please go to and for other Louie Cruz Beltran music go to



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