HAECF launched a housing program in 1995 that involved locating, purchasing and refurbishing homes and then making them available to qualified persons and families, often making the down-payment for the family.  Heritage's goal was to make housing affordable to hard-working, responsible people who traditionally were unable to purchase a home because they were not able to gather enough funds for the down-payment on the home.

As a result of the housing crises, Heritage, in collaboration with The Helpful Hands Foundation, Inc., is providing a loan modification preventive help program for individuals and families facing foreclosure proceedings against their personal homes and/or other property as a result of unexpected life changes that are impacting their finances, such as loss of employment or reduction of hours, a major illness or injury, divorce or separation, or the death of a spouse.  Our staff does counseling and for those who qualify, mitigation with the lender in a n effort to help people save their homes from foreclosure.  Please visit our loan modification page for more information.

Loan Modification

Please call 661-325-5098 or email Patricia Rainey for loan modification help.