Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation, a non-profit agency, was founded in 1976, incorporated in 1988, and reincorporated in 1995, in order to diversify its programs and activities.  Heritage has conducted a series of activities and projects, including study tours, technology transfers, international cultural programs, concerts, art exhibits, museum exhibits, educational seminars and workshops, international trade activities, housing, immigration, and U.S. citizenship services.

Past activities include a wide range of programs and projects, some of which are highlighted below.

En Busca de un Mañana Mejor was a program which guided Spanish-speaking parents through techniques for promoting better family dynamics and inter-generational understanding, was funded by Target Stores 1993-1996 (pictured left).

Heritage has conducted a number of Study Tours of Mexico (see pictured right) which have focused on Pre-Colombian, Colonial, and modern Mexico. Among these programs was an effort with the State University of New York, the Benjamin Franklin Library of Mexico City, the Museum of Anthropology of Mexico City, and the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico City.

In 1978 Heritage’s Director developed a film script, "Plumed Serpent and Smoking Mirror"—with playwright Luis Valdez and Ed Gruskin—for a television project with KCET 28 of Los Angeles and Bakersfield College. The project was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.



During the years 1978-1980 Heritage developed and presented throughout California and the West Coast over forty musical concerts with the world-famous musical ensemble, Los Folkloristas of Mexico City (pictured left). In 1978 Heritage was instrumental in producing, along with KBAK 29 (ABC affiliate of Bakersfield, California), a two and one-half hour TV special with Los Folkloristas, with footage from throughout Mexico. The show, funded by KBAK 29 and Heritage, was broadcast in six U.S. cities as well as on Mexican and Brazilian national television and was used by universities and schools throughout the Southwest.

Other Heritage musical presentations include: Los Folkloristas and classical guitarist Gerardo Tamez for the Kern High School District (the first culturally-integrated program with the Kern High School District) and Sabia and Sangre Macehual, a Latin American folk musical group, who put on concerts in Bakersfield and Delano respectively. In 1991 Heritage put on Heritage Presents Linda Ronstadt, a charreada (Mexican rodeo) and concert with Linda Ronstadt (pictured right). 

Cosmology of Ancient Mexico, a film project shot at various sites in Mexico, was completed in 1977. The project also resulted in a six-month exhibition at the Kern County Museum. Also two 30-minute radio programs--Heritage Presents the Chicano Movement in 1978 - were produced by Heritage for the National University of Mexico.

Photo above: Ernie Lewis with a Teatro from Mexico City

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