Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation has presented the Day of the Americas Special Awards Program / Banquet on several occasions: 1984, 2003, 2004, and 2005. The purpose of these awards has been to recognize and honor Latino and general population individuals who have achieved excellence in their professional fields, as well as provided leadership in their profession and in the community and have demonstrated and continue to exemplify model citizenship in the community. 

We also created the Special Recognition Award to non-Latino minority population members who over a lifetime have made a significant contribution to interracial and interethnic understanding, harmony, and collaboration, in addition to having made a significant contribution in their chosen field, profession, or special endeavor. 

And Heritage has also established the Latino Hall of Fame for Latino individuals who, over a lifetime, have made a profound impact on the Latino community in Bakersfield and beyond.

See the winners of the awards for the various years, including the Latino Hall of Fame: 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The Day of the Americas Special Awards Program has had a variety of entertainment groups since the first awards program in 1984.  This local group performed in 2005.

Robby Byrne played the Scottish bagpipe at the Day of the Americas event.  Gustavo Arellano (L)  of the Latino Academy helps out.

Latino Academy students (L- to R) Michael Flores, Eva Cortez, and Selene Magana attended the 2004 Day of the Americans event.

Dr. Armando Navarro of UC Riverside was the keynote speaker in 2005.