Heritage has made a commitment to build bridges with China and the Pacific Rim in the areas of education, culture, and business.  Dr. Nieto was invited as an educational consultant to visit Tianjin City in June, 1996, to consult on a number of educational programs.  It was subsequent to Dr. Nieto's visit to China that at this time that Dr. Li Wang became involved with Heritage and helped us develop the China Pacific Rim project as he committed almost three years to help develop the program at our Bakersfield office.   Since 1996, HAECF has hosted several political, business, and educational delegations from China in Bakersfield. Heritage believes it is very important to continue developing relations with China and the Pacific Rim as these countries are rapidly growing in international importance. As part of our dedication to strengthening ties with China and the Pacific Rim, Heritage has added Dr. Jian Hu to develop the Beijing Heritage Office and Ellis Wu to develop the Tianjin City Office.   Please view our project page to see our Project Abacus USA which Heritage has been involved with for a number of years.  Heritage of America and Dr. Nieto along with the tremendous support of then Superintendent of the Beardsley School District Ken Chapman organized a number of California delegations to China where some long term educational and personal relationships were established in education from kindergarten through higher education.  These relationships continue through this day.  Although Mr. Chapman is now retired, he continues to work with Heritage as a trusted advisor to our China programs (see video of Beijing Normal University Visitation, Bakersfield, CA 2005).    You will be able to see below some of the programs and projects Heritage has developed in China especially with the incredible support and contributions of Dr. Jian Hu and Mr. Ellis Wu along with many of their associates and colleagues in China.

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Video Log

Beijing Office

jianhu.jpg (11127 bytes)Jian Hu, MD, Ph.D., Director, China/Pacific Rim Project, Beijing Office, (right) received his medical degree from Tianjin Medical School in 1982. He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of Paris (1988). Heritage and Dr. Hu have developed plans to provide educational opportunities for Chinese students at the elementary, high school, and university levels to study in the United States and, more specifically, in California.

Dr. Jian Hu of the Heritage Beijing Office coordinated and provided incredible leadership in collaboration with Zhang Jie, a prominent Chinese artist, to develop the "Colors of China Art Exhibit" with Heritage  and the Bakersfield Museum of Art.  This exhibit took almost a year in planning and actual work to develop and implement.











Dr. Jian Hu (photo above) is given an award in Beijing, China in 2007 by Dr. Jess Nieto and Ken Chapman of Heritage of America for Hu's contributions to "building educational bridges between the US and China."



Dr. Jess G. Nieto and Ken Chapman organized this delegation of educators from Bakersfield and other parts of California to China in 2005 (click on image for larger version).

KGET TV 17 Coverage or Beijing Normal University Educators Visiting Voorhies Elementary, Beardsley Elementary and Beardsley Junior High School in  Bakersfield, California, 2005


Educators from Beijing Normal University visit Bakersfield, California, April 28, 2005


Heritage Office in Tianjin City

Telemundo Coverage of Chinese Student Visitation to Bakersfield


Students from Tianjin City, China, visit McFarland, California, on February 13, 2008


 Project Abacus

Kindergarten teacher in Kindergarten School No. 21 in Tianjin, China, demonstrates the use of the abacus with her class.


Kindergarten students, 5 years-old, working with abacuses. 

A five year old Chinese student in kindergarten can add and subtract these numbers in his head through mental calculation skills learned through the use of the abacus.

Three children completed this problem (above)  within 5 seconds of first seeing it - all in their head.

Unbelievable outcomes are the norm when students use an abacus.


"What we must recognize is that in the Pacific and East Asia is where our future lies."

Mike Mansfield

Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan