Rogelio Vargas, President, retired, formerly social worker and counselor, managed the Lamont office of Kern Regional Center For The Developmentally Disabled (KRC).  He has taught Chicano Studies, Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, Foreign Languages, and Child Development at Bakersfield College , as well as teaching courses for the Community Colleges Lifetime Credential in Ethnic Studies and a course for parents (Developing Capable People) through Bakersfield City School District .  Vargas studied 3 years of Philosophy and 4 years of Theology at Santa Ursula Cuapa Colegio de Filosofia y Letras in Mexico City and is a graduate of the Theology Union, Santa Barbara and Berkeley.  He also holds a credential in Child Development.


Ernest Donald Lewis, Vice President and Secretary is a computer specialist who teaches technology and broadcast production at Beardsley Junior High School in Bakersfield, California.  In addition, he has facilitated numerous classes for CTAP Region 8 and the University of San Diego in Kern County where he has helped Kern County educators develop and maintain computer skills and technology-related curriculum.   Mr. Lewis is also a professional musician and has taught stringed instruments since 1981.



liwanga.jpg (9365 bytes)Wang Li, PhD, MARes, MA, MA & BA, is currently a Visiting Professor of International Studies at Nnakai University. Before that, he was the post-doctoral research fellow at the Keck Center for International Studies at Claremont McKenna College. He was also a Yeching Fellow at Harvard University during 1988-90. He was the Director of Asian-Pacific Rim Project at HAECF during 1996-98.






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