• Leonel Martinez, Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Freelance Writer

  • Tina Kiuftis, (Greece) Restaurant Owner

  • Estela Casas, Executive Director, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc.

  • Beatrice Vang-Hazelton, (Laos , Hmong), Owner, Drillers Driving School

  • Debbie Rivera, Community Leader

  • Norma Gaspar-Ontiveros, Executive Producer, Telemundo Network, KKEY

  • Suellen Anderson, Attorney: Klein, DeNatale Goldner Law Firm

  • Alyssa Nieto-Reed, Attorney: Klein, DeNatale Goldner Law Firm

  • Gonzalo Santos, Sociology Professor, California State University, Bakersfield

  • Ken Chapman, former Superintendent of Beardsley School District, educator.

  • Sergio Flores, KKEY TV Telemundo Network, News Anchor.

  • Michele McClure, Vice President/Premier Client Manager, Community Banking, Rabobank, NA - Bakersfield Branch

  • Nick Belardes, journalist, writer, novelist, and reporter

  • John Stallcup, Senior Marketing Executive; Community Activist in education; U.S. Olympics experience as Venue director of Basketball Tournament  1984;   interested in creating effective educational systems


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